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Fruits Vegetables Cooling Equipment

Twist Water Cooler Spirals for Fruits & Vegetables

Cost effective solutions, outstanding quality and reliability are common for Fenco food processing machines.

The ideal cooling system for pouches - sachets - cups and all packaging solutions


  • Very compact design too minimise space occupied in factory .
  • No need of any special floor preparation, and /or concrete or specific building modifications for a proper positioning and water recycle.
  • Very low water consumption due to the temperature controls and the logic applied, and with the possibility to use Cooling Tower and/or Chilling unit and/or Dry Cooling equipments, separately or integrated in the same circuit.
  • Possibility to have "customised" solution to address special space, products or environmental conditions, including using more then one spiral system, etc.
  • Reduced belt wear and elongation thanks to low tension drive system (the belt is pulled by means of dynamic friction on the total length).
  • Various temperatures steps can be provided in the same unit and/or to have separated units for independent cycles, like;-
- Hot Hold stage and/or;   
- Pasteurisation / Cooking stage;  
- 2nd Pasteurisation / Cooking stage (depends of the size/configuration of the system);   
- 1st Cooling stage;   
- 2nd Cooling stage (depends of the size/configuration of the system);
  • Water is sprayed in different conditions with different nozzles and disposition, each configuration is tailored for the specific application.
  • Very high mechanical reliability of spiral belt conveyor.
  • No belt lubrication and no possibility of product contamination.
  • Low maintenance cost and low spare parts cost due to utilisation of high commercial components.
  • Belts gear motors protection positioned away from process areas.


  • Collecting tanks and recycle pump positioned at the lower part of the spiral (underneath).
  • Lateral protection in stainless steel easy openable washing and maintenance (those are different for Hot and Cold applications).
  • Central Drum drive supported supported by roller bearings.
  • "Stainless steel", or "Plastic " type flexible belt for special applications.
  • Spiral structures made of stainless steel,
  • PLC and touch screen supervision system (option).

Complete turnkeys packaging solutions are available on request.

Please contact us on info@jzw.com.au to discuss your application.


twist water cooler spirals

Twist water cooler spirars

twist water cooler spiral tabs

Fruits and vegetables in tabs

Twist Water Cooler Spirals Line

Twist Water Cooler Spirals Line

twist water cooler spirals products

Fruits and vegetables 

twist water cooler spirals line drawings

Twist Water Cooler Spirals

Pasteurised fruits vegetable in jars bottles cans

Cooled fruits vegetables packages

twist water cooler spirals final product

Cooled final product

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e-mail:- info@jzw.com.au

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